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My name is Émilie. I'm 17. I FOLLOW BACK and I REBLOG WHAT I WANT. I love Taylor Swift, Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, PewDiePie, Supernatural, One Direction, the Big Bang Theory, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, so books in general and food (i love eating).


Tumblr, please stop sending me emails telling me what’s happening right now on Tumblr.

I know what’s happening right now on Tumblr.

I never leave.

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everyone’s grandparents seem to have really cute stories of how they met, and like my grandparents met when my grandma was running away from police during a protest and she jumped on the back of my grandads motorcycle and just screamed “DRIVE FUCKING DRIVE”

I dunno man I think that story’s pretty fuckin cute.

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"This is what I travel for…"

Aliens of London - series 01 - 2005


why did this change? 

What happened to just seeing things happen and getting a chance to watch as history was made and possibly (always) finding out something wasn’t quite right and fixing it leaving history non the wiser?

The excitement of something new happening right in front of your very eyes, this was what made me fall in love with Doctor Who, this is why I go back time and time again to see it once more.  

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